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Popejoy Marketing and Education Department Wish List

Popejoy Marketing and Education Department Wish List

Things we hope to have.

Popejoy Hall's Marketing Department and Education departments have moved into new offices. There are a few things the department is missing to make it feel more like an office. Maybe you have a spare toaster in your closet? Trade it for tickets! Perhaps your K-Cup experience didn't go so well? We'll take 'em!  We are looking for NEW items only. 

Wish List

 Item Details
Toaster new toaster 2-4 slice
Toaster Oven new toaster oven
K-Cups Assortment of coffee and tea
Drill electric or battery operated
Tool Set screwdrivers, hammer, nails, screws, pliers
Blender-Ninja a blender or ninja
Shower Curtain/Bathroom Accessories
 Dishes New dishes for 4 including plates and bowls
 Flatware  Set for 8
 Gift Cards
 When calling, please let us know of a way we can verify value
 Wood Stain
 cherry or other dark wood stain
 Welcome Basket Have an idea of what you think we need? Pitch it to us, and we'll try to work out a trade.
To set up a trade call Chris at 277-2708 or e-mail us at [email protected] with the following information: 
  • Name of Item
  • Value of Item
  • What Ovation Series performance interests you
Please confirm with us via e-mail BEFORE bringing any trade item to Popejoy offices. 


Big Dreams

We have a few things we're wishing for that are a little bigger than the above items. In our dream list, we are willing to discuss trade for any or all elements of these aspects. If you have a business, we can trade for advertising, tickets, show sponsorships, or some combination of these aspects based on value of trade. 

Dream Details
Bathroom Remodel #1 Small restroom with shower needs remodel: toilet, sink, vanity, flooring, either removing or remodeling shower, lighting
Bathroom Remodel #2
Slightly larger restroom than Bathroom #1 needs remodel: toilet, sink, shelving, flooring, toilet, sink, vanity, lighting
Kitchen Remodel Countertops, dishwasher, cabinets, flooring and lighting
Backyard Dreams Landscaping, planting, and a secure gate.
Front Wall Re-stucco front wall that has water damage
Sunroom Build a sunroom for us.

If you can help us with our List of Big Dreams, please call Terry at 277-9451 or send us an e-mail at [email protected] with your information and how you would like to work with us. 

Please note: we reserve the right to decline any trade. Some Ovation Series performances may be excluded from trade offer. Contact us for details. 

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