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Jeffrey Sherman Memorial Scholarship

Jeffrey Sherman Memorial Scholarship

Help our student employees succeed!

Jeffrey Sherman Logo-multicolorThe family of Jeffrey G. Sherman created the Jeffrey Sherman Memorial Scholarship in September 1977. A UNM student and Popejoy Hall employee, Sherman passed away tragically in a car accident. Known as an outstanding student at UNM, he also loved his job working backstage at Popejoy Hall. Sherman's love for Popejoy and the theater is still honored today by providing students employed at Popejoy with funds from his memorial scholarship.

Today, the Jeffrey Sherman Memorial Scholarship provides financial support to exceptional student interns working at Popejoy Hall. Originally restricted to student stagehands - Sherman’s position at Popejoy - the scholarship has since been expanded to Front of House, Marketing, Development, Education, and Administrative student interns.

Each year, the Jeffrey Sherman Memorial Scholarship is awarded to one or more students employed by Popejoy Hall. Students are nominated by their supervisors, and, if chosen, are awarded a modest stipend as recognition of their achievements and strong work ethic. The scholarship encourages professionalism within the performing arts, acknowledges hardworking student employees at Popejoy, and encourages them to continue excelling in their academic careers as well.

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