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Show Guide for The Wedding Singer

Show Guide for The Wedding Singer

Totally awesome blast from the past!

The Show

It’s 1985 and rock-star wannabe Robbie Heart is New Jersey’s favorite wedding singer. He’s the life of the party until his own fiancé leaves him at the altar. Shot through the heart, Robbie makes every wedding as disastrous as his own.

When he meets an admiring young waitress, it’s love at first sight. Only trouble is Julia is about to be married to a Wall Street shark, and unless Robbie can pull off the performance of a decade, the girl of his dreams will be gone forever. With a score that pays loving homage to the pop songs of the 1980s, The Wedding Singer takes us back to a time when hair was big, greed was good, collars were up, and a wedding singer might just be the coolest guy in the room.

Nominated for five Tony Awards ®, The Wedding Singer brings the sweet and funny Adam Sandler-Drew Barrymore movie to heart-warming life as a wonderful new Broadway musical. Three weddings, a bar mitzvah and a wild trip to a Vegas chapel of love keep things hopping in this affectionate look back at the ‘80s – big hair and all!

The Wedding Singer History

The film The Wedding Singer, starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, opened in US theaters on February 13, 1998. The romantic comedy, set in 1985, was a success—it grossed over $80 million in America.

The Wedding Singer stage adaptation made its Broadway premiere at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre on April 27, 2006. A US tour started in August of 2007, and the opening of a UK tour followed in 2008.

The Wedding Singer’s story appeals to audiences around the world. A Swedish production of the show opened in Karlstad in September 2007. One of the translation changes for this adaptation was the name of Robbie, who became Robban. The Spanish-language version of the stage musical, El Rey de Bodas, or “The King of Weddings,” opened in Madrid in 2007. Mexico City hosted the opening of El Rey de Bodas in 2008. There have also been Japanese, Finnish, German and Korean translations of The Wedding Singer musical.

Selected Song List

Act I

  • It's Your Wedding Day
  • Someday
  • A Note From Linda
  • Somebody Kill Me
  • A Note From Grandma
  • Casualty of Love
  • Come Out of the Dumpster
  • Today You Are a Man
  • George's Prayer
  • Not That Kind of Thing
  • Saturday Night in the City


Act II

  • All About the Green
  • Right in Front of Your Eyes
  • Single
  • If I Told You
  • Let Me Come Home
  • Move That Thang
  • Grow Old With You
  • It's Your Wedding Day (Finale)


Wedding Music Traditions

Zaffa is the wedding march in Eygpt. A belly dancer leads the bride and a musical procession of bendir drums, bagpipes, horns, and men carrying flaming swords. The custom is of unknown antiquity, but it may even predate Islam.

In 16th-century Europe, composers were enlisted to write wedding music for royal ceremonies. Lots of times entertainment at these royal nuptials included dancing and masques. The first so-called ballet de cour, a court ballet, was preformed at the wedding of Mary Queen of Scots and Francis the Dauphin in 1558. It was a costly entertainment of vocal/instrumental music, spoken dialogue, pantomime, dancing and mechanical effects.

Johann Pachelbel composed his Canon in D around 1680. Though written as a piece of chamber music for three violins and basso continuo, today the composition is a popular wedding song, often played on the acoustic guitar.

After a Jewish wedding ceremony there is a traditional dance called the hora. This is a circle dance; men surround the groom and the women dance around the bride. Another song is Siman Tov ("Good Tidings"), a classic, all-purpose Jewish celebration song that’s sung at the reception.

Traditional Scottish weddings often include a post-ceremony dance called a ceilidh. The dance is traditional to other Gaelic cultures, but a particular ceilidh is popular for contemporary weddings modeled on traditional Scottish ceremonies. The song is “Mairi’s Wedding”; it was written in Scottish Gaelic language in 1934 and translated into English the same year. Artists including the Chieftains with Van Morrison and The Rankin Family have recorded versions of this wedding ceilidh.

During the climax of the film Blue Hawaii, leading man Elvis Presley sings a bilingual version of “The Hawaiian Wedding Song” on location at the Coco Palms Resort. The song is based on "Ke Kali Nei Au" (Hawaiian for "Waiting Here for You"), originally written by Charles E. King in 1926. In 1958, Al Hoffman and Dick Manning translated the original Hawaiian words into English. The Elvis film was so popular that, until it closed in 1992, the hotel hosted an average of 500 weddings per year, with the famous tune used in most of the ceremonies.

Creative Team

Matthew Sklar (Music) was nominated for a Tony Award® for Best Original Score for his work on The Wedding Singer. Sklar started composing when his music teacher asked him to write a song for his class’ 8th grade graduation. He has worked on Broadway since the age of 18 and been an associate conductor for many productions including 42nd Street, Miss Saigon, Les Misérables, Nine and Caroline, or Change.

Chad Beguelin (Lyrics and Book) earned two Tony Award® nominations and a Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Lyrics for his work on The Wedding Singer. Beguelin has collaborated with lyricist Matthew Sklar on other projects; Beguelin wrote the book and lyrics for the The Rhythm Club and Wicked City, both original musicals composed by Sklar. Beguelin has received the Jonathan Larson Performing Arts Foundation Award, the Edward Kleban Award for Outstanding Lyric Writing and the Gilman & Gonzalez-Falla Musical Theater Award.

Tim Herlihy (Book) is familiar with the world of The Wedding Singer. The stage adaptation he co-wrote with Chad Beguelin is based on Herlihy’s script for the film. Herlihy frequently collaborates with Adam Sandler, who originated the role of Robbie Hart; the duo co-wrote the song “Grow Old with You” for The Wedding Singer movie and “Forgetful Lucy” for 50 First Dates (2004). Sandler has starred in eight Herlihy-penned movies, most recently Bedtime Stories (2008). From 1994 to 1997, Herlihy served as writer, head writer and ultimately producer of the TV variety series Saturday Night Live, for which he received an Emmy® nomination.

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